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College code number - 122012

Since ancient times the teacher is getting utmost importance like parents in our country as well as humanity at large. So the teacher is called “Gurudevbhav”.

When any individual is achieving highest honour in his life, then everybody will ask that how you have reached this highest position. The answer is that my teacher has created me. So we must give full credit of success to the teacher.

The teacher with his teaching, behavior and acting created an ideal generation in the society. When ever the country is in danger the teacher is the only person giving proper guidance. The teacher has versatile personality and his personality is a guiding example to the students.

From the children point of view the teacher impart the necessary knowledge, understanding and wisdom. In the class and outside the teacher represents as the solvent of various problems with proper understanding. The teacher from the national point of view is a great need of the hour. In an independent country the teacher teaches fundamental knowledge to the citizens that how to rule over the country with great accountability & responsibility.

The education and culture are closely related. The teacher has to train and inculcate in the minds of students physically, mentally and intellectually. The cultural impact is the soul of education. Everyday the student must get education of a good behavior. Highly rich characters of the citizens is only trained by culture. The Objective of culture is to purfy mind and body for creating characterized society in the nation. In short culture means good tradition. The individual is understood by his friend circle. To make a cultured individuals is like moulding golden ornaments. So the teacher’s impression of good.

Education, good habit is possible only in the school. Good habit must be inculcated at proper time. The greatness of man is understood by his behaviour. The good and bad habit in the life has found in the beginning of school education.

In view of this with the bookish knowledge an all-round development of personality of a student, the teachers training collage is necessary. Last 2 years R.S.S.P.’S Meenatai Thakare D.Ed College teachers become successful in teaching with immense efforts in education, sports, music, work experience and cultural activities. The student teacher of our college have received various awards and honour as an ideal teacher.

We assure that the education will be the same as mentioned above and all the student teachers will get an opportunity to serve the nation.



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